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Development, application and capacity development: First Nations toolkit for the assessment of climate risks and asset management.

Client:  Ontario First Nations Technical Services

Project Date: 2017 - 2020

Project Role: Technical Team Leader; Subject Matter Expert (Asset Management; Climate Risks)


This multi-phase project Award-winning (Consulting Engineers Ontario – 2019) involved:


  1. The application of Engineers Canada’s PIEVC Protocol for the vulnerability assessment of the potable and sanitary water systems of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (ON, QC, NY State): identify climate risks to assets and services and provide risk mitigation solutions (capital and O&M)

  2. Develop a First Nations toolkit – the award winning (2019) First Nations Infrastructure Resilience Toolkit (FN-IRT) that considers climate risks and impacts in the context of the service life (asset management) of assets.

  3. Pilot the FN-IRT in 2 FN communities in Ontario (Moose Cree First Nation – Moose Factory: water and wastewater systems and Oneida Nation of the Thames – housing and education assets): develop a risk profile and mitigation measures related to capital and O&M

  4. Conduct capacity building across 10 regions in Ontario on the use and application of the FN-IRT (2 ½ day workshops) and virtual training sessions (for ISC and CIRNAC staff across Canada) and additional virtual workshops

  5. Apply the FN-IRT in other First Nations (Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec): climate risks assessments and impacts for a wide range of assets.


The revised version of the FN-IRT (V 2.0) was produced in June 2020 and is currently (2022) being used with 6 First Nation communities in Northern Ontario.



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