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Climate risks assessment of two Federal buildings in Quebec City

Client: Government of Canada

Project Date: 2020

Project Role: Technical Team Leader; Subject Matter Expert (Asset Management; Climate Risks)

Public Services and Procurement's Environmental Services (ES) Canada (PSPC) commissioned the consulting team to identify and assess potential engineering vulnerabilities infrastructure related to climate change and extreme weather using Engineers Canada's PIEVC Protocol. The studies were conducted in two properties (buildings and outdoor fittings where applicable) located in Québec City at:

• 3, Passage du Chien d’Or;

• 330, Gare du Palais.


The project involved the climate risk assessments of two buildings in the old portion of Quebec City. The buildings house government services and administration; one of them has heritage designation. Using Engineers Canada’s PIEVC Protocol, the historical occurrence and future climate likelihood of climate events that have operational, functional, and structural impacts on the buildings and grounds were used to create a risk profile for the buildings. The highest risks to the buildings were analysed in view of the future capital and O&M investments plan to assess whether these investments reduced future projected climate-related risks.  Based on the results of the risk assessment, risk mitigation and adaptation measures were recommended.

The project demonstrated the application of the climate risks assessment methodology for historical buildings of different criticality and function in an urban environment. The process is scalable from a single asset to a portfolio of assets. The project was conducted entirely in French.


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