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Facilitation and Development of Strategic Plan

Client:  British Columbia Local Government Asset Management Working Group (known as Asset Management BC)

Project Date: 2010

Project Role: Facilitator; Researcher; Collaborating Author


The project involved providing facilitation and strategic planning support to the constituent member of the BC Local Government Asset Management Group, know as Asset Management BC.


The facilitation session was aimed at gaining input on initiatives to be undertaken over the next 3 to 5 year period. The workshop was designed to bring local government stakeholders that shared interests in advancing the state of asset management practices in British Columbia. Since the group was diverse in terms of knowledge, expertise and experience about asset management, and since the goal of the workshop was to obtain ideas the development of a strategic plan, the facilitation methodology used a focused creative process. This method allowed moving from high level thinking to action-oriented brainstorming.

The facilitated session provided a broad scope of initiatives and activities proposed by the participants which were then evaluated and served as the basis for a roadmap of discussions for the LGAMWG to identify priorities.

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